International Congress and Exhibition SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE – ENERGY EFFICIENCY will be held for the second time in Serbia. 10 lecturers, eminent architects and experts from around the world, Europe and the region, leading authorities in this area, along with representative exhibition of their works, as well as the competition, an exhibition of selected works and workshops for young architects will answer the question:
The Congress will be held from 5th to 7th October 2017 on the exceptional, multi-functional premises of the Yugoslav Film Archive in Belgrade, Serbia. This event will cover important topics with a focus on sustainable and ecological approach to architecture and design, with the use of renewable energy resources. Through recent studies and projects, the participants will get an opportunity to learn more about the latest world trends in architecture, new methods and green technologies, the use and application of all forms of renewable energy sources in architectural design and construction, as well as how to choose appropriate

energy-efficient and intelligent systems, non-polluting and recycled materials, products, equipment and appliances, to the ultimate completion of buildings and their maintenance. A significant segment of the Congress will be devoted to bioclimatic and energy rehabilitation of existing buildings with contemporary possibilities of using wood and recycled materials. The Congress is an opportunity to exchange experiences with major prominent international and local speakers and authors, through the joint interaction with the participants of the Congress, architects, engineers and experts in various fields, urban planners, designers, artists, students from Serbia, region and Europe, citizens’ initiatives and the creative community, along with the promoters of green economy and creative industries.
More than 3,000 architects, construction, electrical and mechanical engineers, specialists in thermal engineering and all other areas that relate to environmentally sustainable development will have the opportunity to follow the Congress through webinars.


10 eminent lecturers, architects and experts from around the world, Europe, and Serbia will give lectures in the areas of sustainable, ecological and energy-efficient architecture and the use of renewable energy sources – sun, wind, water and geothermal energy, in the Conference Hall on 6th and 7th October.


Exhibition of lecturers’ and workshop moderators’ recent projects • Exhibition of sustainable eco-friendly materials, products and construction technologies – Exhibition for Sponsors will be held in the lobby from 5th to 7th October.


Workshops for young architects and students on sustainable, environmental and energy efficient building technologies in architecture, will be held in Hall 1 and Hall 2, on 6th and 7th October at the Yugoslav Film Archive with moderators who have extensive experience in this field.