Organizers of the Second International Congress and Exhibition SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE – ENERGY EFFICIENCY, Magazine for eco architecture and culture ECO HOUSE, the Association EKOKULTPLUS and Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, represent a significant platform for continuous training and networking of the creative community and young artists from the field of architecture, tangent multidisciplinary profession, design and visual art. The mission of Eco House Magazine and the Association EKOKULTPLUS, seen through organization of this conference and other activities, is to promote young architects and students, as well as future professionals, and thus provide the opportunity for them to become the leading activists on the Serbian and regional cultural, artistic and architectural scene.

The long term goal is to boost local economic growth and to enhance the development of green economy and creative industries through cooperation with local governments, institutions and professional organizations which share our values and promote a sustainable approach to architecture, art and life in general. Cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica University of Montenegro and Faculty of Architecture University of Zagreb, as the co-organizers of the Congress, aims to educate architects and experts and to engage young architects and students through affirmation of their work and creativity, as well as to emphasize the importance of combining formal, university studies with informal, continual education.