Leading experts and world-renowned lecturers, architects and designers from Europe, the region and Serbia, authorities in complex fields of sustainable architecture, energy efficiency, green building, use of ecological, both modern and traditional technologies and materials, as well as the application of different systems for the use of all forms of renewable energy sources, will present their projects and experiences at the First international Congress SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE – ENERGY EFFICIENCY in Serbia. A significant segment of the Congress will be devoted to bioclimatic and energy efficient rehabilitation and reconstruction of existing buildings, as well as the possibilities of using wood and recycled materials. During two days of interactive lectures, videos and the exhibition will be presented, both in theory and practice, the unification of approach in the design of sustainable architecture.
Lecturers at the First International Congress SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE – ENERGY EFFICIENCY are the authors whose projects we have heard of, listened

about, have seen them and read about them in the scientific literature as examples of good practice. They are the people who are present on the global architectural scene, who by their actions open new doors in architectural creativity and by their experience encourage and inspire young architects, designers and artists, and refer them to new possibilities in their architectural and artistic expression. Among them are the winners of significant awards and recognitions, who, with their achievements, theoretical concept and work, determine the importance of a sustainable, multidisciplinary and integrated approach to architectural design.
The Congress will also bring together international workshop leaders and assistants from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. Participation of over 300 designers, architects and experts in the tangent fields is expected, as wll as a large number of architectural studios.